The object of our life should be - "To lead a Happy, Healthy, Heroic and Hilarious Life" On physical level, Yoga Postures called "Asans", are designed to tone, strengthen and align our body. They make our spine supple and prompt blood flow to all organs, glands and tissues. We get flexibility and an improved Cardio - Health. On Mental level, Yoga reduces Anxiety and Depression. The International world (through Extensive Research) has found that Meditation and Shav- Asan reduce Mood disorders,Insomnia and Hyper -Tension. You get peace of mind. On Emotional level, you get the stage of Tranquillity. Yoga controls Anger, Hatred, Jealousy and Sorrow. Yoga practice can increase your energy levels by 20% and the boost in endorphin may help in lifting your mood. Good Feeling surround you.Yoga gives you Good Sleep. You get internal happiness which is the Bliss of Life. We are determined to help you discover your KYC "YOGA” !



The core principles that guide our Actions are-
1. Extreme Professionalism.
2. Passion for What We Do.
3. Drive to Change the World through Yoga.
4. Courage to Dream Super Big.
5.WOW Factor while practising Yoga.