As a beginner, often we equate yoga with some tough, limb-twisting poses. “I can’t even touch my toes, how can I do yoga?” Yoga is not about touching your toes, or stretching 98 degrees to your northeast. It’s a simple process of uniting with yourself – using your breath, body and the mind. And it’s easy and effortless. It is best to start learning yoga under the guidance of a qualified yoga teacher who can lead you through the correct way of doing each technique. This would help you learn yoga asanas (postures) properly and avoid possible injuries. In this program, we have included simple & medium level of asana, breathing, techniques, basis pranayam, stretching, chanting of mantras, few surya namaskar. This Program should help to increase student flexibility, strength & stamina. Improve fitness & reduce stress.

1. Important Feature Yoga @ Home (Personal Training)

Duration – 5 days in a week
Fees – INR 6500/- per month onwards
Area-covered – All Over Jabalpur
“Affilated By MP GOVT. NGO”

2. Teacher’s Background

All personal trainers are qualified, experienced & groomed. All yoga programs for students are designed only by Senior & Expert trainers from the institute.

3. Contents of Yoga

We provide, customize yoga program to every student. We usually include Suryanamaskar, asana, pranayam, Meditation, relaxation, Kriya & Chanting as per requirement & assessment of student.

Please Note :-

We teach authentic & traditional yoga, in scientific manner. We recommend yoga program as per age, health- status and expectation of students.